Who are we?

Welcome to the D. J. Tomlin Consulting PLLC where we offer HIPPA compliant virtual consulting services in the state of North Carolina. Why virtual? With the way things are transpiring today, people are suffering from a flood of emotions and feelings. Many would welcome that one-on-one interaction while ensuring that the environment is still safe and confidential. D. J. Tomlin Consulting PLLC understands and supports those feelings.

D. J. Tomlin Consulting PLLC believes in meeting people where they are and focusing on their positive strengths rather than the negative emotions. D. J. Tomlin Consulting PLLC has supported family members, relatives, co-workers, friends and even friends of friends to work through and move forward through life situations which they believed to be difficult and unbearable.

D. J. Tomlin Consulting PLLC has observed some of them which have become entrepreneurs and others have been able to learn the strategies and coping skills to address grief, stress, depression, and anxiety and gain a more enjoyable and fulfilling lifestyle. With many years of personal experiences and formal education, D. J. Tomlin Consulting PLLC’s purpose is to share the wisdom and knowledge which God has allowed to pour into others the hope that they to can recover from the challenges which they are facing.

Our Purpose

D. J. Tomlin Consulting PLLC’s purpose is to share and support a boarder audience who could use guidance, support, and direction from someone who has walked a mile in their shoes, D. J. Tomlin Consulting PLLC, a consulting company was founded to address situations from the loss of a loved one, employment, spiritual struggles, to relationship issues. These sessions are all offered in a virtual platform of 15 to 55 minutes for learning coping skills, techniques, and interactive materials.

It is the purpose of D. J. Tomlin Consulting PLLC to support others as they face life challenges, and obstacles. The intention of D. J. Tomlin Consulting PLLC is to inspire those as they pursue endeavors, visions, and ambitions. D. J. Tomlin Consulting PLLC remains committed to assist those who are determined to become empowered over life’s challenges while conquering and achieving their goals through Envision. Inspire. Challenge. Change.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of D. J. Tomlin Consulting PLLC to provide strategies, evidence base practices and spiritual guidance as tools which has been proven to assist others through their real-life experiences and challenges. D. J. Tomlin Consulting PLLC now would like to offer their experience, knowledge, wisdom, and education by way of consulting and supporting others as they work to maneuver through the bondage of fear, grief, spiritual dilemmas, depression, stress, and anxiety.

Vision Statement

D. J. Tomlin Consulting PLLC understands life’s challenging problems which comes your way while working toward your goals. You encounter life obstacles such as family, relationships, losses, illness, or other tragic situations. D. J. Tomlin Consulting PLLC does not count the journey of going through these obstacles as “wasted” but instead remember that as you began to process these things, “processing is the first step to progressing”. D. J. Tomlin Consulting PLLC has the experience, knowledge, coupled with wisdom to assist you in these goals.

Meet Diane

Envision. Inspire. Challenge. Change.

I am the Life Motivational Consultant and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of D. J. Tomlin Consulting. I am a Qualified Professional (QP), Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC), National Certified Counselor (NCC) and a Certified Premarital Facilitator with a master’s degree in Marriage Family Therapy and over twenty plus years of combined experience in motivating and consulting with individuals, couples, and families in overcoming, spiritual dilemmas, life’s daily challenges and situations.

Envision. Inspire. Challenge. Change.
Inspiring others toward achieving their goals by overcoming life’s challenges, and obstacles.
Start overcoming the negative effects of anxiety, depression, and grief over life’s traumatic events. Learn to GUARD your heart.

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